From East to West: How Different Countries are Making Strides in Developing Cutting-Edge Language AI Model

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5 min readNov 29, 2023

Countries worldwide are developing alternatives to ChatGPT to achieve strategic independence, aiming to advance their technological capabilities, foster innovation, and ensure competitiveness in the global tech market. These efforts also focus on creating AI models that better cater to local languages, cultures, and societal norms. Concerns over data sovereignty and privacy laws drive the need for AI systems that comply with specific national regulations. This blog will dive into some LLMs that were recently launched during the past few months.

Finland’s Silo AI unveils ‘Poro’, advancing multilingual AI in Europe

The Details:

  • Silo AI, a Helsinki-based AI startup, launched Poro, an open source large language model focused on enhancing multilingual AI for European languages.
  • Poro, named after the Finnish word for reindeer, utilizes a BLOOM transformer architecture and is part of a series aiming to cover all 24 official EU languages.
  • The model is the second major open source LLM to originate in Europe, following the record-funded French startup Mistral AI’s debut of Mistral 7B.
  • Developed in collaboration with the University of Turku, Poro is trained on LUMI, Europe’s fastest supercomputer, and addresses the challenge of supporting lower-resourced European languages.
  • The model has achieved promising results in its early training stages, outperforming existing models in Finnish benchmarks and showing comparable English proficiency.
  • Silo AI’s initiative marks a significant step in open-source AI development in Europe, offering a transparent, ethical alternative to closed models from major tech companies.

My Thoughts:

As of now, Poro is limited since it was only trained on a partition of the 21 trillion token multilingual dataset covering English, Finnish, and…



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